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elemento cabecera elemento cabecera elemento cabecera elemento cabecera

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elemento cabecera elemento cabecera

My work




  • eskup para iPhone e iPad

    (2011) Design and development of Eskup, app app intented to use the EL PAIS social network. It is developed in HTML5, CSS3 and JS but it feels native.

  • EL PAÍS main apps design

    (2012-2016) Design of current apps for iPhone and Android.

  • Charts library for EL PAÍS

    (2011-2015) Development and design in javascript of the drawing library for all election results, including charts and maps.. Maximum legibility and compatibility (canvas and SVG).

  • 10 mandamientos

    (2007) Part of the planifictation and character animation in the first presentation of the project

  • Tour El Selector

    (2009) Idea, design and development of this tour through the website 'El Selector'.

  • Aulatype

    (1998) Idea, design and development of AulaType, an app for learning to type. aplicación para el aprendizaje de mecanografía. The user usually reaches 40 wds/min in a short period of time in a enjoyable way. Entertaining lessons, dictation and games contributes to a effective learning.

  • Balltris

    (1996) Balltris was a Tetris based game with a spooky touch. I did the graphics and it was developed in C language. It was published by PC Actual, a popular magazine in Spain.


  • Assorted icons and drawings for
  • Some logos drawn entirely by hand
  • Some of the covers I made for the electronic magazine Magazine ZX
  • Themed headings made for